Skills in Psychodiagnostics - 2nd edition
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Skills in Psychodiagnostics (2nd edition)

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SiP - Online Training

Psychodiagnostics is a rather intricate part of the work of psychologists and educators. During their time at university students should undertake to prepare themselves putting them into practice. The psychology programmes at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Open Universitythe Netherlands and Twente University have joined forces over the past five years during the SiPs-projects – SiP is for: Skills in Psychodiagnostics. The projects were set up with the aim of developing interactive software. These instruments – the so-called SiPs – allow students to master the professional skills required for psychodiagnostics. The SiPs may prove useful in more than one course or university programme.


This website contain all the SiPs that have been developed by the project team. It includes a total of nine SiP modules, 200 video clips and over 550 exercises. There are three general SiPs, two SiPs relating to clinical psychological diagnostics on adults and two SiPs related to developmental psychological diagnostics on children and teenagers and two SiPs include both a beginner and an intermediate version


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SiP - The Book

The book has two intended purposes: on the one hand, it aims to offer students an understanding of the objective and functioning of the SiPs, and on the other hand tries to provide information to teachers and students looking to broaden their knowledge of the requirements of working as a psychologist as well as offering information on the backgrounds and results of the SiPs projects. As a result this book should be used as a reference manual offering a general synopsis of the topics discussed in each of the SiPs. Hence the book is not intended as a replacement for the SiPs.

SiPs - Getting Started

Students achieve the best results in training their diagnostic skills by working through the exercises and information and then putting their knowledge to practice, e.g. by using role play.


The book includes an entry code to access the website. Tutors and teachers can request entry codes to access the website from the publisher. This will allow them to view the answers submitted by their students to the questions included in the SiP exercises. Teacher a free to use and apply the SiPs as they see fit. The authors have, for each chapter, indicated how and at whichpoint in their curriculum an SiP is used

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