Skills in Psychodiagnostics - 2nd edition
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About Skills in Psychodiagnostics > Instruction on student working methods and approach

Structure and didactics

The courses are structured in line with the theory included in the accompanying book (e.g. SiP 1 and SiP 5).

In addition, students practice with various client cases by using case studies (e.g. SiP 4 and SiP 6).

We have developed the programme based on the objectives and the didactic design and have added the following contextual elements:


  • short instructional texts;
  • situational sketches in the form of either a written text or a video clip;
  • exercises generally accompanied by multiple choice or open questions;
  • expert feedback is offered immediately after the student has entered their answer;
  • the complete NIP (The Dutch Association of Psychologists) Code of Ethics for Psychologists (2007).


Students learn how to use academic sources through various on-line libraries.


Every time they’ve completed an exercise, students have the option of checking their answer. Each exercise includes detailed feedback. Students are not able to change their answers once they've been entered. This teaches them to learn to formulate their answers carefully and to not simply wait for the feedback to pop up. Both the answer and the feedback will remain visible after the exercise has been completed so they may be used during revision.

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